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Le Mas

This modular hall can seat 570 people. In addition to live shows, the Mas is also used for fairs, exhibitions and popular events.

Espace Saint-Jean

The Espace Saint-Jean is a multi-purpose cultural centre in the heart of the town, open to the public since October 1988.

La Ferme des Jeux

A former Brie farmhouse restored in 1995, the Ferme des Jeux now houses a cinema and entertainment venue, La Grange (285 seats). Classified as an art house cinema, it offers a selection of films in both French and original versions.

The 26 Colours

A wallpaper factory converted into a cultural centre... That's the strange fate of the old factory in Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry, which owes its name to the emblematic machine created by its founder Isidor Leroy in 1877, enabling 26 colours to be printed in a single pass! In 2011, the town council decided to convert the building into a cultural centre, offering a rich and varied programme of concerts, shows, exhibitions and more. It also has a cinema.

La Ferme des jeux

A former Briard farm, the Ferme des Jeux in Vaux le Pénil was renovated and converted into a municipal performance venue/cultural centre in 1995.

Le Mas

Built in 1992, the Mas can accommodate up to 620 people. Rivaling many Parisian venues, it is popular with artists because of the close proximity it affords.


Completely refurbished in 2014, the Arcature library offers thousands of books on loan and for consultation on two levels, work areas for secondary school pupils and students, tablets and e-readers...

Municipal Media Library

The astrolable

Media library on the banks of the Seine


Gaumont-Pathé cinema

The Pathé Dammarie cinema welcomes you 365 days a year to experience your emotions to the full!

Espace Nino Ferrer

Audiences and artists alike appreciate this venue for its intimate atmosphere...
Throughout the season, the town offers a rich programme of music, theatre, dance and shows for young audiences.

Espace Pierre Bachelet

Find out more about the largest concert venue in Seine-et-Marne, and book our next events now!

Château des Bouillants

Dammarie-les-Lys cultural exhibition centre

Astrolabe multimedia library

Since 2004, l'Astrolabe has been the media library network of the City of Melun and its Archives.

Cinéma Les Variétés

A Melun institution, Les Variétés offers audiences the latest national releases, as well as more mainstream films, earning it the 'Art et Essai' cinema label.


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Péniche Madison Show Cabaret

The MADISON SHOW CABARET, the elegant lines of a 45-metre boat, out of the ordinary!

Centre culturel Les 26 couleurs

The old wallpaper factory in Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry bears witness to the town's industrial past. Nowadays, the building is home to a cultural centre that proposes a wide range of activities...

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