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Local producers

Honey from Seine-Port

Single-flower raw honeys made largely from a single plant species and multi-flower honeys made from various flower nectars.
These honeys are of the highest quality and are treated with respect. They are processed in the honey house using traditional methods.

Livry vineyards

From the Middle Ages until the plants were uprooted by phylloxera at the end of the 19th century, vine-growing and wine production were the main activity of the people of Livry.

The Saint-Fargeau vineyards

The vines, restored thanks to the work of volunteers from the Confrérie Saint-Vincent, are coming back to life after years of dormancy.

Rucher des Carmes

Production and sale of honey made exclusively from a mixture of flowers: lime, acacia, elder and organisation of beekeeping events.

Honey and bees

Production and sale of blossom honey, with blends and different maturities (young honey, intermediate honey).

Fourches Farm

We look after a herd of 60 fawn-coloured Aubrac cows, as well as 70 sheep, around a hundred laying hens and a hundred chickens for meat.

Brasserie des Grottes

Craft beer from Seine-et-Marn is making a comeback with original local beers brewed with quality ingredients using traditional production techniques.

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