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Le Bistro de la Grande Maison

Set in a one-hectare orchard, the "Bistro de la Grande Maison" is a restaurant housed in an old half-timbered house on the banks of the Seine, just one kilometre from Melun town centre.

La Fantasia

LA FANTASIA, a Moroccan restaurant for those who love its cuisine, a change of scenery and spending a pleasant moment in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Located just a stone's throw from the Fontainebleau forest, the L'Inédit restaurant, led by chef Kévin Kowal, welcomes you with a smile, attention and delicacy.

La Bodega Don Felipe

Healthy, generous, family-style, instinctive cooking using seasonal produce that we select with the greatest respect, with one aim in mind :
to give you pleasure.

The ibiskus

Friendly restaurant

La Table Saint Just

A chic restaurant a stone's throw from the château, where the modern is magnificently combined with the old.

Restaurant with "Brie de Melun" label

Le Bistrot Francais

An old-fashioned meeting place, warm and welcoming. Enjoy a drink at the bar or share a delicious meal with friends.

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