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Culture and Painting

On the programme

The Melun Val de Seine Tourist Office is offering a day dedicated to exploring the region and its heritage in a fun and educational way.

Students will discover the traditional skills of the earthenware industry through a guided tour of the Maison de la Faïence and the village of Rubelles. This will be followed by a practical workshop at the Melun Val de Seine Tourist Office, where pupils will decorate their plates in the Rubelles style and take them home with them.

They will then set off in search of the lost recipe for Brie de Melun.

Course of the day

  • 09.30 am: Guided tour of the Maison de la Faïence and the village of Rubelles: exhibition of unique pieces characterised by their quality and their green and blue colours, discovery of pottery processes, engraving and enamelling on earthenware.
  • 11.15 am: 1-hour plate painting workshop at the Tourist Office
  • 12.30 pm: Lunch on your own
  • 1.45 pm: Start of the "Brie de Melun" treasure hunt at the Tourist Office
  • 3.30 pm: End of Tourist Office services


Price calculated on the basis of 30 people
30€ per person
Practise handicrafts and awaken artistic interest
Develop creativity, attention to detail and concentration
Find your bearings in space
Working together to solve puzzles: listening, team spirit and oral expression


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  • Melun Val de Seine Tourist Office
  • Ville de Melun Val de Seine
  • Julien Meneret
  • Didier Paris
  • Collectif Images
  • Alticlic
  • Pascal Gaël
  • Jérome Mignon
  • Michel d’Anastasio
  • Frederic Miel
  • Sophie Loyd
  • Thierry Benne