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Bistro-style restaurants

La Bulle Gourmande 2

La Bulle Gourmande 2 invites you to try "gourmet bistro food" that's full of flavour.
Thanks to his wide experience in fine-food kitchens, the quality and originality of our chef's concoctions will leave you amazed.

Le Bistro de la Grande Maison

In an orchard covering one hectare, the "Bistro de la Grande Maison" is a restaurant that occupies an old half-timbered house above the Seine, just one kilometre from Melun town centre.

Le Bistrot Francais

An old-fashioned venue, a warm and friendly place to meet. Togetherness and good humour reign here, whether you sip a glass at the counter or enjoy a gourmet meal with friends.

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