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Want to relax

After spending several weeks in "confined" mode, we pamper you with our selection of spots to meet in all serenity. 

Sunshine, good food, reunion with friends, this is what we were waiting for. So what would you say to discover la brasserie des grottes ?
A cave brewery! Melun Val de Seine, you surprise us every day!
Meet Lionel and Alex, two scientists crazy about craft beer making. They will take you on a tour of their cave and their brand new facility to make very different beers: light, hoppy, fruity.

In addition to this visit, take the time to taste their creations, sit comfortably on their terrace and toast facing the Seine!

What are you, lunch on the grass? Imagine a large checkered tablecloth, a cooler with the aperitif in the fridge, crispy baguettes and a gourmet Brie cheese? That's it, you've arrived on the banks of the Seine with all your little tribe for a delicious moment of reunion and to share a magnificent picnic.

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